Top 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1

Top 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1

Arctic fox (Arctic snow fox)

Fun fact: The arctic snow fox can live in extremely cold weather. They won't be able to shake until the temperature drops below -70 degrees Celsius.


Arctic snow fox is also known as arctic fox or snow fox. They have the ability to adapt to harsh weather environments. The round body is an effective way to retain body heat and also makes them look super cute. They have thick fur that is brown in summer and white in winter. Their body length is about 46 to 68 cm (18 to 27 in) and their rounded body helps to minimize heat transfer from the body to the air.


Arctic foxes eat every small creature they find, including lemmings, hamsters, young ringed seals, fish, waterfowl and even seabirds. They also eat carrion, berries, seaweed, insects and other small invertebrates. Arctic foxes form mating pairs during the breeding season, and they will stay together to raise their young in underground burrows. Sometimes, other family members will help them with this task. Arctic Fox lived in extremely cold places on the planet but remained shiver-free until temperatures dropped to −70 °C (−94 °F). Adapting them to survive the cold is a thick, multi-layered and highly insulated coat, a reverse heat exchange system in the circulating blood in the feet that helps maintain core body temperature, and is a rich source of fat. This fox has a low surface area to volume ratio thanks to its muscular body, short snout and legs, and short, thick ears. Less surface area exposed to the arctic cold means less heat is transferred from the body to the air.


Top 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1

Arctic fox has white fur like snowTop 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1Arctic snow fox can live in extremely cold weather


Koala (koala)

Fun fact: Koalas drink very little water because they get their water from the plants they eat. Even the word Koala means "without water".


Koalas are very recognizable by their pointed, tailless bodies and large heads with rounded ears, smooth fur, and large noses. Koalas have a body length of 60-85 cm and a weight of 4-15 kg. Koalas are very cute animals, their faces with very innocent and innocent expressions make them look even more adorable. The koala, or koala (scientific name: Phascolarctos cinereus) is an Australian herbivorous marsupial and the only living species in the family Phascolarctidae. Koalas are found along the east and south coasts of the main island, specifically in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Koala bears (koalas) have the habit of climbing and eating leaves, which is said to be one of the symbols of this country. With its silky gray fur, plump body and large ears, the Koala is considered one of the cutest animals in the world.

One of their interesting points is that they have a very small brain, the ratio of brain size to the body of an animal is only about 2% - the smallest of any mammal. Notably, this brain is not only extremely small in proportion, it is also extremely modest in weight: It weighs only about 19.2g and occupies only about 60% of the skull. However, koala bears play a very important role in the ecosystem thanks to their diet. Koalas mainly eat eucalyptus leaves, so they "trimmed" the leaves to make the forests cool and easy to catch the sun. Without the Koala, sunlight will hardly penetrate the forests, and the dense leaf density also increases the possibility of forest fires. Talking about food Koala bears, eucalyptus leaves are actually a very bad food source. They have no nutrition at all. An adult koala will have to eat about 2,000 eucalyptus leaves a day to get enough nutrition to survive. This meager source of nutrients combined with their indigestible nature causes them to move very slowly, and sleep up to 18 hours a day to conserve energy. It takes about 100-200 hours to digest a meal of its own.

Top 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1

Koala bears have a very innocent and innocent faceTop 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1Koala (koala)


Cú Northern Pygmy

Fun fact: Little North Pygmy owls often hunt prey that are the same size or larger than them.


The Northern Pygmy owl is a small owl that lives in the northwestern United States. This little bird is the smallest owl of its kind. Adult birds are about 15 - 17cm long, gray, light brown or brown. This owl has a rounded white spotted head, weakly defined facial disc and dark upper chest, wings and tail, the latter being quite long compared to other owls. The bird has two black nape spots bordered with white on the back of the head, resembling eyes. The mid-to-lower part of the breast is white with darker longitudinal streaks. The northern pygmy owl is native to Canada, the United States and Mexico. Its habitats include temperate, subtropical and tropical moist forests, savannas, and wetlands.


The North American owl 's breeding habitat includes the foothills and mountain forests of western North America. They are extremely difficult to spot because of their size and color. They usually nest in a tree hole and will often use old woodpecker holes. Females lay 2-7 eggs, usually 4-6 in swiftlet species which may include Douglas fir, western redcedar, western hemlock and red alder. Early in the breeding cycle, males establish and defend a territory of perhaps 250 hectares (about 1 square mile). They feed on small mammals, birds and large insects, and can take a variety of other vertebrates and invertebrates.

Top 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1

The Northern Pygmy owl is small, round and prettyTop 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1The Northern Pygmy owl is a small owl that lives in the northwestern United States.


Little penguin

Fun fact: The little penguin was the mascot of the 2007 FNA World Swimming Championships held in Melbourne, Victoria.


What's cuter than a penguin, it's a small version of the penguin. These penguins are exactly like normal penguins except for the size. Their smallness makes them look cuter than their peers, so it's not surprising that they make the list of the top 10 cutest animals in the world. The shape you often see in penguins is the white part on the belly and the dark part covering the back. They use short wings to make flippers when diving underwater. The front legs are used to move on the ground with a rather waddling appearance and especially the penguins know how to use the front abdomen to crawl on the snow whenever they want to go at a faster speed. There are about 18 different species of penguins in the world. However, out of which 13 species have been reduced in population due to climate, habitat and the lack of responsibility in the conservation of animals by humans. More alarmingly,


As the name suggests, the "tiny penguin" is the smallest of the 17 species of penguins with a height of 33 centimeters. They are also known as blue penguins because of their iridescent indigo hairs. This bird is currently threatened by carnivores such as foxes and wolves in Australia and New Zealand. Penguins are group-dwelling, highly social, and always gather in groups. Each population can be up to tens of thousands of animals. Although in such a large number and difficult to control, but each couple of penguin parents, they can recognize and watch their babies through special hearing. Depending on the different species of penguin, the life span of this bird is about 15-20 years.

Top 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1

Small penguin with a shy, kind bodyTop 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1Small version of the penguin




Fun Fact : Hedgehogs are almost immune to snake venom.


Hedgehogs , scientific name Erinaceinae, is the word for species of the subfamily Erinaceidae (Porcupines), in the family Erinaceomorpha. There are about 17 species of porcupine divided into 5 genera, 4 of which are distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand. There are no native hedgehogs in Australia, nor in the Americas. Like many other mammals, they are adapted to a nocturnal life, and are primarily insectivorous. The spines of the prickly porcupine also have a protective effect similar to that of the quilled porcupine. Hedgehogs are spiny mammals that live in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Although they look a lot like mice, there is no denying how cute and harmless they are. That's why they are being raised as pets more and more. If you're looking for an animal that's both cute and unique, get a hedgehog.


With a funny appearance, despite the shape of a hedgehogLike the common porcupine, with sharp spines on its back, the porcupine is a species of the shrew family. Hedgehogs have a characteristic small, pointed mouth, short legs, and are rather slow. The special thing is that although the porcupine looks dangerous, the hedgehog is not capable of causing injury to the owner. Hedgehogs do not have an unpleasant odor like other pets and are easy to clean. They have an average lifespan of 4 years. The highest life cycle on record is 9 years old. Hedgehogs have an average lifespan of 3-4 years. The female porcupine can give birth to 3-4 litters per year, each litter has 3-5 children or more than 8-9 young. When the hedgehog breeding season, it is necessary to isolate the hedgehog pairs very carefully because the male hedgehog will kill the other hedgehog's offspring. Hedgehogs usually breed several times a year, giving birth to about 3-6 cubs each time, depending on the weather.

Top 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1

Beautiful, unique baby hedgehogTop 10 Cutest PETS in the World- PART 1Hedgehogs have a characteristic small, pointed mouth, short legs, and are rather slow